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    TMT,s registered customers can check the Japanese auctions list to make their choice. There are several auction houses in Japan and they sell cars on a daily basis through the auction online real bidding system.

If our registered customers select a car from any of the auction houses by using our sites we can arrange a real-time bid in favour of our customers 

Customers can make a bid to buy any cars from the online auction 

Our team participate in the live auction and bid different vehicles in the different auction of japan on behalf of our clients if the bid falls in their price we buy it for our customers

The most important point for a customer to keep in mind during the selection of a car is to check the auction sheet. Below we are giving the sample auction sheet of the most popular auction houses in Japan, with the help of that auction information one can understand the grading system and get an idea about the selected cars condition, its registration history, and the market value of that particular car and make their purchase.


By checking the auction sheet you can  get to know the following information as well:

* The actual production date and the date of the first registration.

* The actual chassis number, to check all the related information.

* Any leakage, transmission problem, or engine noise.

* If there is any corrosion or rust on the vehicle.

* If there any accident history.

* If there are any scratches or dents.

* If the vehicle has been painted.

“Before going to the auction sheet first understand what actually it says”
Overall Grading
Different Marks
Auction Grade Explanations.
" Interior "
Abbreviations on the auction sheet.
Indicators on the auction
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