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PayPal is the fastest and secure way to make an advanced payment to making bid any car from a Japanese auction or booked any car from an auction or our stock anywhere over the world. You can ensure and secure your dream car by paying 10% of the cars target bidding price. Advanced payment will be deducted after a successful bid when we give you the total invoice value. If we failed to buy at our target price then your advance payment will remain the same until a successful purchase.PayPal Payment charged will be fully bear by the customer.

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Anyone from anywhere who is registered with TMT Corporation can access freely Japanese auction and choose their dream car and can make a bid or request for a bid need to make 10% quick payment through PayPal for ensuring the order. After a successful bid, advanced payment will be counted to the final price. Customers will send the rest of the payment by Bank.


After entering the access point you need to register yourself as a member/customer of TMT Corporation. Membership is FREE. You can access it without registration but cannot get full access and cannot make any bid or request.


Everyone from all over the World can access the Japanese auction with a simple registration procedure You don't need to be an owner of the company. All 18 years old individual people can get membership and access to the auction.


After a simple registration procedure, you will find yourself as a member of TMT Corporation and will be able to search all Japanese car 


Now let's search for your dream car which is fit for you in your budget. Weekly more than 120,000 cars will come to the online auction.


You could find many advanced search options for choosing your car. Your selected cars recent price, condition,options, and many more 


For Example: Once you find your car you can make a bid request at your target bid price. Before any bid, you should pay 10% bidding value by PayPal to ensure your order. Without 10% payments, no bid will be done. 


After a successful bid, we will send you an invoice deducting PayPal's advanced payment within the same day after the result. Balance due should be pay by the bank to bank using our invoice and followed by our designated bank which account name is TMT Corporation. 


Don't worry if you don't have a PayPal account now. You make a PayPal account simply click over here or you can pay any of your credit or debit cards.PayPal charges should be paid by the customer.

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