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TMT acts as a supporting hand of online bidding auctions. We make purchases on an order basis on behalf of our customers, helping them understand the auction system and select the vehicle they want. We share our auction system experience so that customers can bid on the vehicle they want from anywhere in the world. In this way, a single website provides many options to the client. We are registering dealers and manufacturers who conduct new auctions as well as used cars/machines. When a client goes live for a bid, the management contact will contact you to confirm the details of the bid, then purchase the vehicle on your behalf. This is followed by the same payment and shipping procedures.

Sharing experience on
Japanese auction system

TMT sorts documents
We provide complete documentation to help customers from purchase to delivery. We are the medium between the auction house and the customer for all kinds of communication. We are leading in providing all the documents required by the Japanese customs office. Organizing documents removes all obstacles and simplifies transactions.

Japanese transportation
TMT has a systematic arrangement for local transportation in Japan. In the event of any kind of damage (except for natural disasters) during transportation in Japan, we assume all responsibility and provide a warranty for the vehicle. Various transportation partners in Japan are considering moving products from one location to another.


We Try Hustle Free Shipping Worldwide
TMT ships products to almost everywhere in the world. Delivery partners are located throughout Japan (almost all major shipping companies). Delivery partners are dedicated to handling the delivery process. We also support shipping to

Japanese ports.


TMT provides detailed information about FOB, CIF, and CNF

FOB stands for Freight On Board. That is the cost of products to ports in Japan. CIF stands for Cost Insurance Freight. That is the cost of the product to the destination port, including insurance during shipping and freight. CNF stands for Cost and Freight (cost of the product to the destination port, including uninsured cargo).

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