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Terms of use direct auction

TMT is the legally registered auction member of all listed below on the page and all responsibility also taking by TMT as a first user of the auction terms.TMT can share its privacy and restrictions with the use procedure of auction with their responsible and believable customers at their own risk.TMT ( as a first-party) paying all charges to the main source monthly basis.

Terms of use between customers & TMT for direct auction

Every company or individual registered customers will be able to use direct auction by fulfilling the terms and conditions as below :

1. You should have to register as a member of TMT sites.

2. Only approved customers can use this service.TMT has belonged to authorized customers or canceled as well.

3. TMT membership is absolutely free but using the third party auction sites as TMT,s customers are not free. 

4. Any damage or wrong purchase cancellation charge will pay by customers if he/she use direct auction by own location.

5. Customers can buy cars from direct auction by our own bidding or getting help from our representative if we have any on your location.

6. Customers can also give us a bidding query with details of the auction and lot number with their target price. 

7. You have to submit some documents to use this service such as a passport copy for identity or any other identity with a photo. 

8. Customers should have to sign an agreement with TMT for using this service.  

9. For more inquiry please send us a mail to (JAPAN) ( RUSSIA) 

10. For a telephone query, please see our telephone number on the top of the page.

Live Bidding

TMT Corporation Co Ltd allows its registered members to purchase vehicles through live bidding as well. We have registered dealers and manufacturers that auction new as well as used vehicles/machinery. Customers willing to be a part of the auction have to make an initial deposit of $1000 in order to make a sincere and successful bid. Such a deposit is refundable after a period of 2 months in case of an unsuccessful bid.

Linked Web Sites

This Privacy Policy is only applicable between TMT Corporation and its web site visitors. We do not have any control over linked websites and
we do not bear responsibilities for any matter between you and the linked websites. The data privacy rights under the GDPR do not apply to us
where we process your personal information as a data processor.


The Procedure

Customers will be issued a Proforma invoice in relation to their order of vehicle that shall be final and binding on both the parties.

On receiving such a Proforma invoice the customer has to make the payment as disclosed within a period of 3 days for confirming the order. Each customer is hereby requested to clear the payment in advance through a telegraphic transfer in the bank account referred to in the Performa invoice.


The payment shall be made in convertible currency i.e. dollar or yen only through a certified bank. The correspondence charges shall be paid by the customer only. We must receive the full amount according to the invoice


Note: When making a telegraphic transfer, customers are requested to specify their invoice number and/or Vehicle's Chassis number in the reference column.


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