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TMT uses all Japanese major vehicles source

 over the internet such as the Uss group, Taa Group, Caa Group, Ju group, Arai group, Honda group, and others all.

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 Japan has been a major producer of automobiles. The world’s popular brands like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki, Subaru, Isuzu, and Yamaha are located here.

Every quarter witnesses many new and advanced models from all brands in Japan. The Japanese population is fond of changes, so lots of cars are available for resale.

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TMT is a proudly legal member of all Uss auction all over Japan. USS group auction weekly arranges 80,000 vehicles 


TMT uses all Japanese major vehicles sourced and exchange unlimited stock from auction houses and provides the right one to our customers.


 AUCNET is as good as that of TAA. AUCNET has a network of around 7,000 dealers; hence they have the largest number of auction locations in comparison to any other auction house. In order to get the vehicle of one’s specific choice, AUCNET is the correct spot to buy them.


 The USS operated at 18 locations every week in the country. The USS Auto Auction is held from Monday- Saturday nationwide. The auction flow process of USS is very smooth, from the inspection of vehicles for sale to the procedures taken after contracts have been filled in. There are three ways to participate in USS auction; “on-site”, “via satellite” and “over the internet”. In accordance with the manner that suits the best people, they can choose the auction medium. USS holds a market share of around 30%.


Toyota Auto Auction or TAA is among the major auction houses in Japan. The auction house is managed by Toyota and specializes in Toyota brand cars. The house is open for bidding every day except Sunday. TAA started in 1967 with 3 auction locations, but now with 11 auction locations nationwide


ARAI Auto Auction or AAA is one of Japan’s largest auto auctions. It holds approximately 28,000 registered members. It is one of the largest auction groups in Japan with four auction halls located in the Kanto region (the area around Tokyo). Moreover, sales performance near 10,000 vehicles, taking place six times a workweek.


Japanese Automobile Auction or JAA is a medium-sized auction house which offers around 45,000 vehicles every month. JAA comprises two large auctions; JAA Tokyo and HAA Kobe which held on Wednesdays and Saturdays respectively. JAA Tokyo and HAA Kobe, both are famous among buyers for their convenient and smooth services. HAA Kobe is known for its remarkable foreign cars. Newly both are joined with USS group


Previously known as Osaka Nanko Auto Auction, BAYAUC is the world’s first internet-based automobile auction. The auction held every Wednesday and around 3,000 cars are auctioned at one time. Cars from around 8,500 companies in Japan are gathered for auction at BAYAUC. 


Chubu Auto Auction or CAA is one of the largest auction groups in Japan. The CAA auctions are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. CAA mediates the old car transaction between the suppliers, client with the management of the auction which becomes fairly exact. CAA holds averages over 5,300 exhibits in a week.


ASNET is the largest website for listing stocks from Japanese auction and dealer wholesale stock. Data of over 7,000,000 cars are provided to members every year, along with the front and rear photos and inspection sheet as well. With ASNET services, one can place bids on cars showcased at any auction hall, even when one is not a registered member of those auction hall at present. Thus, with the help of ASNET service, there are more than 100,000 cars available per week for bidding.


Honda auctions are made up of cars exhibited by Honda dealers and specialize in Honda brand cars. Honda auction is known for its contract completion and totally reads the necessity of both sellers and buyers. They hold auctions in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, and Sendai, and state one of the highest sale rates in the industry.

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