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Q. Do you have any membership fees?


NO, we do not levy any membership fee on our website you just need to follow few steps to get register.

Q. How can I make a purchase?


For making any purchase you need to get register first, after login selects the car of your choice from our inventory or auction from to check the specification related to that car and the price, send a buy request.

Q. What are the conditions to become a registered User?


We do not have any major condition for the registration process, one should be of legal age above 18 years and have a basic idea of internet culture if you are registering on behalf of a company, we need few introductory details.

Q. Before buying a car do you suggest any checklist to your customers?


Yes, we give an idea of a checklist to be kept in mind before buying a new as well as used cars, if you tell us the requirement we can suggest you the car that suits you the most plus you can also ask for a tentative idea of pricing before making your bid.

Q. What are the payment methods available?


As for now, TT (Telegraphic Transfer) is the most secure and feasible method to make the payment.

NOTE: The charges applicable for TT as per the bank will be paid by the customer.


Q. What are the extra charges?


No, we don’t charge any extra money except a nominal amount (our service fee). Depend upon the price if it is in FOB, you will have to pay freight charge, import duty, clearance & registration fee, compliance fee, and depending on the import regulations of your country there may occur some other fee. If the price is in C&F, you have to pay all the charges except freight as it is already charged at the price.

Q. What is the procedure to cancel an order?


The cancellation procedure is very simple, if you want to cancel any of your orders you can simply email us at or give a call to our customer care number. +81-766736255

Q. Is there any specific time to check the auction?


No, there is no specific time for checking the auction. You can explore it 24*7 as per your convenience and satisfaction.

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